“You should know…”

Welcome to Sunday Sips.

I hope you enjoy this short and sweet sample of When Love Comes Around.

“You should know,” she mumbled for his ears only.

Starr suppressed a giggle when Kevin’s dark, silky eyebrows shot up. Thanks to Summer, she was very much aware of the women he ran through. Though she couldn’t deny there was a spark of interest, Kevin was the type of man she needed to stay far away from.

“I see I’ve been the topic of somebody’s conversations.” Kevin noted, sliding his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

Kevin was certain Summer informed her about the numerous women who accompanied him on several double dates and dinner parties over the years. Whatever. He wasn’t going to apologize for enjoying beautiful women.

“No, nothing like that,” Starr said, lying through her teeth as she moseyed over to a pair of ballerina style shoes.

On her heels, he pressed, “You mean Summer hasn’t told you how much of a dog I am?”

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