Word of the Year – 2023

Hello Beautiful!

I hope 2022 was good to you. If not, 2023 is around the corner with the promise of lots of goodness. I believe goodness is something that we can cultivate by taking care of ourselves. It doesn’t have to be anything grand. Something as small as spending ten minutes alone to pray or meditate can put you in a better mood.

In the past I’ve tried selecting a word for the year. For me, the purpose of doing this was to focus on something that would help guide me throughout the year to improve my life. By March I felt like a failure because my word of the year went flying out… I don’t know where!

I’m determined to do better in 2023!

Several weeks ago as I pondered upon what my word would be “self-care” kept tugging at me. The more I dwelled on it, the more it settled into my spirit.

Don’t let the pretty pic above fool you. When I say self-care, I’m talking about in every aspect of my life. Journaling at least five times a week to deal with my inner feelings. A five minute break during the work day to find a quiet place to play the nature app on my phone. Treating myself to a massage at least once a quarter. It’s been years since I’ve had one. Dusting off those free weights and putting them to use twice a week to build the muscles in my body that’s  decreasing by 3-8% each decade. Become more intentional with what I eat. Most importantly, paying attention to the things that overwhelm me so I can let them go. That includes people in my life who tend to gravitate towards being toxic. The list doesn’t stop here. Whatever I can do to start a routine to take better care of myself will be my intention for 2023.

What is your word of the year?



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  1. Now that I’m retired my word is me time. I’m going to do more for myself and concentrate on my health and wellness.

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