Why do I write flawed characters?

When I wrote my first book A Special Summer, I received a lot of not so nice criticism about the heroine, Summer Jackson and the hero, Nick Stiles. Everything from she’s weak, spineless and needs to grow a backbone. And he’s self-centered, obnoxious and an overbearing jerk.  

I ain’t going to lie y’all, my feelings were hurt and the criticism was enough to make me question if this writing thing was for me. Pushing my bruised feelings aside, I continued to write. And I continued to create characters that are…um, flawed. 

You want to know why? Of course you do! The journey to love and romance isn’t always sunshine and butterflies. More times than not, there’s ditches and potholes along the way. As humans we’ve all experienced some sort of trauma, great or small, that we bring with us into relationships. Oftentimes, trauma can shape our personality resulting in our flaws. 

Does a person not deserve love because they’re flawed? Is there not someone out there in the universe who is willing to see past their flaws and look into a heart of gold? I believe that there are such people. For this reason, I write jacked up, messy, will get on your last nerve characters. In other words, I write about real people.

Let’s talk about it. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

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  1. I love your stories! Who would believe them if everyone and everything was perfect? I say keep on doing you! You are marvelous!

  2. I enjoyed all of your novels. infact I went on a reread with your novels. As for Summer and Nick I liked the way you put their
    Relationship together both character development their strength and weakness whether right or wrong.Couple have to grow with communication and understanding and acknowledge
    That everyday is not gonna to be peaches and cream. Your novels are real, keep doing you I will always buy novels.

    1. Hey Denise!
      Thank you so much for the reader love. I truly appreciate it and you. Yes, honey. If we want rewarding relationships, the work has to be put in.

      Your words of encouragement are everything. ❤


  3. I enjoy ALL of your novels and re-read them many times. I agree that Summer and Nick’s relationship was very tumultuous. One thing I love about that series is that with every book you can revisit characters from previous books. With that you can see how both Nick and Summer change and evolve into a strong loving couple.

    1. Hey Traci!

      I appreciate your support and insight of my work. It really means a great deal and definitely encourages me to keep writing.

      And thanks for stopping by my blog! You’re the best! ❤

      Hope you enjoy your Memorial Day holiday.


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