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I believe in rewarding children when they work hard in school. It was a practice I started with my children when they were in school. For every A, they received a dollar amount that was slightly more than receiving a B. This motivated them to work hard and not slack off with their studies. This worked until they reached high school. Especially with my oldest. She was the kid that started off strong at the beginning of the school year, slacked off in the middle. And then got herself together by the end-of-year getting A’s, B’s, and at least one C.

Now that I’m a Gigi, I’ve continued this practice with my grandson, Joey. Except, I don’t give him money. His reward is spending the afternoon with me and my husband, going out to lunch. And then a trip to Barnes and Noble to buy books. He’s into Magna books.

My Joey is like every other kid who loves his electronics. I’m thrilled he loves Barnes and Noble equally. His eyes light up at the mention of taking a trip there. We don’t limit our trips to him getting good grades. Christmas and birthday gifts are perfect opportunities for our lunch date and shopping for his next set of books.

LOL, he didn’t want me to take this pic. 🙂

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