The Art of Planning

Hello again!

If you follow me on social media you know I love the art of planning. Yes, there is an art to planning. 

You see, any planner will not do for most folks who are serious about planning. For instance, do you prefer a Sunday start or a Monday start? Bound planner or ring/disk planner with inserts. 12 months or 18 months planner? 

Are you more of a functional planner? Meaning your planner is all business. A place for you to plan out your day with tasks and appointments. Or are you like me, a decorative planner? Where you make your planner pretty with stickers. 

For years, every January I would buy a bound planner determined to get myself organized and keep track of important dates and appointments. By the time March rolled around that planner was collecting dust. 

Some time ago, I came across a YouTube video of a woman decorating a planner. Chile, it was pretty! And I started to drool. Maybe, just maybe this is what I need to do to stick to planning out my week.

Ain’t gonna lie to y’all. Initially, I was a little shaky with this planning thing. I would decorate and look at my planner three days out of the week. But then I got into a routine of looking at my planner in the mornings and evenings to see what tasks/appointments I had for that day and the next day. Now don’t get it twisted…sometimes, every now and again, I’ll miss a day. I’m not perfect. Because my planner is with me at all times, I’m able to whip it out and jot important notes and dates down on the go.

Decorating my planner and weekly spreads with beautiful stickers motivates me to use my planner daily and stay organized. 

Check out a few of my planner spreads. 

Well, that’s it. Tell me, are you a planner or not?

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