Sugarfina Advent Calendar

Hey my beauties!

Christmas time is special for the obvious. The coming of Jesus Christ to save humanity. It’s also a time of year to share gifts with those we love. Especially the children in our lives. Whether they’re infants like Josiah, the newest addition to my family, or adult children. 

This is also a time of year, along with my birthday, that I give my inner child permission to come out and play. As a child I never had an Advent calendar to open gifts each day leading up to Christmas. Indulging my inner child, this year I decided to get one.

I went online and began to search for different types of Advent calendars. One of my weaknesses is chewy candy. Love me some gummy bears and gummy worms. 

Sugarfina has an Advent calendar with 24 days of the yummiest (is that a word? lol) treats. My hubby and I were out shopping and I decided to swing  by Nordstrom Rack. While standing in the checkout line there was ONE Sugarfina Advent calendar. I believe it was from last year, but I didn’t care! I snatched that thing up so fast and gave it to hubby to purchase for me as an early Christmas gift. 


Throughout this Christmas season starting on December 1 thru December 24, I’m going to share with you each day’s sweet treat. 🙂

So tell me…have you ever had an Advent calendar! If so, what kind?

Until next time,



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