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I hope you enjoy this short and sweet sample of It’s My Turn.

Ellen tightly clutched her favorite doll to her chest, refusing to give her up. “No, she’s mine.”

The toddler scrunched her face up in disbelief. Ellen had the audacity to deny the child her favorite toy. It didn’t matter that she had several of her own, she wanted Ellen’s. Attempting to pry the doll from her sister’s grasp, Beatrice began to wail at the top of her lungs.

All of the kicking, screaming and wailing brought Sherman running from his study into the hallway. Rubbing his temples, he felt a headache coming on. Beatrice was at it again. Her tiny hand was wrapped around the doll’s ankle, pulling with all her might to get it out of Ellen’s tight grip.

His tone was gentle as he pleaded, “Ellen, baby, please give your sister the doll.”

The little girl looked up at her father with huge eyes, tears ready to spill. “But it’s my doll, Daddy,” she pitifully whispered.

Squatting down to her height, Sherman wiped away the tear that slowly ran down her cheek. “Be a big girl for Daddy and give your sister the doll. I’ll take you shopping to get you a new one as soon as I finish up my business call.”

Ellen didn’t want to disappoint her daddy. Looking to her younger sister, who had taken to screaming even louder, if that was possible, she acquiesced, holding the doll out. “Okay, Daddy.”

Immediately the wailing ceased. Snatching the doll from her sister’s grasp, little Beatrice skipped out of father’s presence and down the hallway, carelessly swinging the doll by its foot. Less than ten minutes later, a teary-eyed Ellen stumbled upon her precious baby doll abandoned on the bottom of the stairway leading to the massive home’s second floor.

That afternoon at such a tender young age, Beatrice learned that putting up a fuss would get her whatever she wanted. The spoiled behavior magnified as she grew older and became aware of her father’s guilt for the role he played in her not having a mother. By the time Beatrice reached her teenage years, she no longer had to throw tantrums to get whatever she desired. All she had to do was simply smile at her daddy and her every wish was granted.

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