Sleep in your own bed

Welcome to Sunday Sips with Losing The Bid.

Adrian walked outside into the crisp, winter morning air.

Relief swept over him as he sauntered down the quiet tree-lined street to his silver Dodge Ram truck. If he was honest with himself, he should have ended things with Pamela when she invited him to her place for dinner and her parents and sisters were also present. She played it off with the excuse that she’d gotten her dates mixed up. At the time he knew she was lying but decided not to call her out on it.

As soon as he eased behind the steering wheel, his phone rang.

“I’m not answering that.” Adrian said aloud as he started the engine.

The shock had probably worn off and Pamela was calling to give him a thorough cussing out. If he wasn’t so tired, he would have given her the opportunity to get being dumped off her chest. However, in his exhausted state he wouldn’t have the filter required not to snap back if she said something ridiculous like he’d led her on.

Deep in thought, Adrian drove across town to his Mount Airy home through desolate streets. He was glad it was a Saturday morning and minus the usual activity of school buses, people driving to work, and pedestrians making their way to the bus stop so he could speed home and get in his own bed.

Last night was three times too many he stayed over at Pamela’s place. The first two times, he surprisingly slept like a baby after their frantic sexual encounter.

Sleep had eluded him. Every time he closed his eyes, Pamela’s soft confession tormented him. Why did she have to ruin what they had for the time being? Usually, when his affairs ended, it happened as a natural progression on the woman’s part when she realized Adrian would never give more of himself, other than a good time between the sheets.

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