Sister Love

I’ve written a few stories with sisters. Whether they’re biological or best friends who are more like sisters. I suppose I enjoy writing about sisters because I’m the youngest of five girls in a blended family. And I’ve developed close friendships with women who are like sisters.

In my latest book, Forever Young, Josephine “Joey” Lawrence is the youngest of three sisters. She also has a childhood friend who’s a bonus sister. Although it’s a romance, it’s also about the strong bonds of sisterhood. The reader will get to witness how these young women, through good and bad times, remain united and if anything grow closer.

As women, we are unique and special in that way. It’s been my experience that we are capable of building a tribe of sisterhood where we encourage, lean on, and just have plain fun wherever and whenever we are together.

Now don’t get me wrong, there have been times when I’ve been severely burned by someone who I thought was a sister-friend. Did I let this stop me from opening my heart to other women? Nope. It taught me to be cautious and to take my time inviting others into my tribe.

Sister love is a precious gem that I will always treasure.

What are your thoughts on Sister Love?

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