Hello there! It' my birthday and I'm not a shame to tell you I love getting gifts. I also love giving gifts, too! To celebrate my birthday with you, I'm giving away a copy of my latest release Forever Yours. Starting on the date of my birth, February 22 until February 24, you will be able to download an e-copy of Joey & Jamal's story. Click here to download your e-book! Happy ... Read the Post

Here’s a gift for you on Valentine’s Day

Hello there! It’s that time of the year again when there’s an extra splash of love in the air. With lots of flowers and chocolates everywhere. And guess what else is in the air? Trembling Hearts and Mended Hearts.  My gift to you this Valentine’s Day is an e-book copy of Trembling Hearts and Mended Hearts. If you already have them, feel free to cut and paste the links to gift them to a ... Read the Post

Meet Garrison & Madeline

Hello my beauties! Whenever I start a new story I begin with a character profile. Generally, it’s a 3 page long, in-depth construction of the heroine and hero. I flush out things like their physical traits, where they’re from, relationship status, family background, educational background, job/profession, religion, and personality traits to name a few. As I’m doing this, often I’ll get hit with ... Read the Post