Coming Soon: Wandering Beauty

        Hey there, Beautiful! Wandering Beauty will be available in e-book and paperback on June 4, 2024! Blurb: Jillian Hart has reached her breaking point. Every moment of her day is seemingly consumed catering to her family’s needs and wants as a wife and mother of two. Her only source of solace is the day spa, where she works as a part-time esthetician. ... Read the Post

Trip to B&N with Joey

Hey, hey! I believe in rewarding children when they work hard in school. It was a practice I started with my children when they were in school. For every A, they received a dollar amount that was slightly more than receiving a B. This motivated them to work hard and not slack off with their studies. This worked until they reached high school. Especially with my oldest. She was the kid that ... Read the Post

Purple Passion – February 19 – February 25

Hey, hey! This week’s theme for my planner layout is Purple Passion. It’s my birthday week and I’m loving the purple, which represents my birthstone amethyst. Wish I had a pair of the purple army fatigue pants the doll is wearing. Too cute! The sticker with the journal, pen, and eyeglasses is adorable! I hope this layout gives you inspiration. ... Read the Post