Seductive Nights

book 3: night series

Local celebrity chef and restaurateur Julio Castro is living his dream. He’s satisfied with his professional life and now wants a family of his own. Julio’s biggest regret is rejecting love to advance his career.

Alexandria (Alex) Lawrence has her hands full raising her three-year-old daughter, Maliah and managing two businesses. As her daughter is growing older, Alex is having misgivings about keeping her child’s identity a secret.

Fate intervenes when Julio haphazardly meets his daughter. He falls madly in love with Maliah and is determined to win back Alex’s heart. As they co-parent, Alex and Julio rediscover the spark that brought them together years ago. When the opportunity comes for Julio to rise to national celebrity chef status, will he choose Alex and Maliah? Or his chance to make it big?

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