Season of Thanksgiving? Yay or Nay

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always associated November with Thanksgiving Day. In school, my classmates and I would make turkeys out of orange and brown construction paper. If the teacher was exceptionally cool she would bring candy corn in for us to munch on in class.

We were taught at school Thanksgiving Day was about Native Americans and Pilgrims celebrating the harvest or some like that. Lol…it’s been a long time since I was in elementary school. 

At home I was taught Thanksgiving was about being thankful for God, family, friends, and good health. As I became an adult I realized that being thankful isn’t relegated to one day out of the year. Literally, there are several things I can give thanks for daily. Starting with waking up pain free. I think of all the people worldwide who wished for this. 

Although traditionally we’re upon the season of Thanksgiving, it’s a hard nay for me. I want my life to reflect being thankful in season and out of season because of God’s goodness and mercy day by day.

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