Not the cookie banking type of grandma…

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I hope you enjoy this short and sweet sample of Key To My Heart.

“Hello, Grandmother,” Zoe whispered, hoping she hadn’t made the elderly woman angry again.

Beatrice Warrington’s furious glare remained fixed on the child. She couldn’t stand the sight of her. Nothing of this child resembled a Warrington. Even her coloring had been tainted by that half-breed mother of hers. Every time Beatrice looked at Zoe, she saw the tramp who tried to ruin her family. If she had her way, the little bastard would have been in Connecticut with the couple who wanted her.

“Why are you running in the house like a wild animal?” Beatrice snapped.

A confused look marred Zoe’s innocent features as she gazed at her grandmother, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. The only time she ran in the house was when she was looking for her daddy because she had something really important to tell him, like now. She wanted to tell this to her grandmother, but when she went to open her mouth, fear paralyzed her vocal cords.

“Answer me, you little dummy!” the older woman shrieked, moving in on the defenseless child.

Fat crocodile tears fell from Zoe’s dark brown eyes. “I’m sorry, Grandmother.”

Why doesn’t Grandmother like me? Zoe wondered as she held her head low, bracing herself for what she knew was coming next.

Friends at school had grandmothers who took them to see the Nutcracker at Christmastime, and to the zoo in the spring. Their grandmothers enjoyed teaching them how to bake cookies and put frosting on cakes. Hers seemed to take pleasure yelling and spanking her when her daddy wasn’t around.

Zoe let out a yelp when Beatrice reached out and roughly yanked her by the shoulder. “You’re always sorry. Just like that mo—”

“Mother.” The deep baritone rumbled in a threatening tone. Langston’s jaw clenched as he pierced his mother with a steely glare. “Zoe, come here,” he commanded in a gentle tone as he held out his hand.

Once she was near the safety of her father, Zoe flung her arms around his waist and sobbed. “Daddy, I’m sorry for running in the house.”

Langston held the trembling child close as he tenderly stroked the top of her head. “It’s alright, Love Bug.”

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