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Whenever I start a new story I begin with a character profile. Generally, it’s a 3 page long, in-depth construction of the heroine and hero. I flush out things like their physical traits, where they’re from, relationship status, family background, educational background, job/profession, religion, and personality traits to name a few.

As I’m doing this, often I’ll get hit with an inspiration of what the characters would look like. For this book I thought of Russell Hornsby from Grimm. If you ever watched this show his character Hank was one bad detective slaying all kinds of supernatural evil. And the beautiful Nia Long. I loved her in Love Jones.

Here’s the quick & dirty on Garrison and Madeline.

Garrison Lawrence

Age – 54

Physical Description – 6’1”, rugged & muscular built, golden brown complexion, graying at the temples.

Relationship Status – Widower and engages in “flings.”

Current Family – Three adult daughters and an adorable granddaughter he spoils rotten.

Madeline (Maddie) Redmond

Age – 48

Physical Description – 5’4”, physically fit & curvy, tawny complexion, layered hair.

Relationship Status – Divorcee with a sordid past and is currently single.

Currently Family – An adult daughter and is estranged from her parents and brother.

I can’t wait for you to meet my next over 40 couple!

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