Kindness is always a winner

Welcome to Sunday Sips with Chasing After Love.

Nancy hustled her butt into a stall before a tear could fall and caught by someone coming in to use the bathroom. An overwhelming feeling of loneliness suffocated her as she wished for her mom or Daphne. Even though they were only a phone call away, they were probably off doing their own thing and could do without her drama. Daphne and her husband, Adrian, were most likely cozied up butt-naked somewhere in that huge house they lived in. And Madeline was probably out with co-workers at some fancy venue in Philly to bring in the new year. This one time she would have to tough it out until the morning.

“Oh no,” Nancy mumbled under her breath on her way to the sink to wash her hands. Carefully, she set her clutch on the vanity next to the woman who she’d almost ruined her marriage proposal. Turning on the water, Nancy eyeballed her reflection and then the woman. When their eyes met, Nancy smiled although she was miserable. “Congratulations.”

A brief stint of counseling taught her it was okay to show kindness even in the midst of chaos.

Blue eyes sparkled at Nancy. The woman smiled and wriggled the fingers on her left hand, displaying a sizable diamond. “Thank you! Isn’t it gorgeous?” she beamed, now holding her hand practically under Nancy’s nose.

Nancy couldn’t help laughing. Girlie was acting like they were besties. “Yes, it is.”

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