Joey’s Journal – Entry 1

I hate drama and avoid it at all cost. I knew I should’ve followed my first mind and stayed home. But that darn Sammie had to go and make me feel bad. 

Of course, she was right…this time. Alex needed our support as well as the youth center. If I had known I’d run into Jamal Peters and his coo-coo bird girl friend, Brittany Love, I would’ve kept my black behind home. Sorry Alex.

I’ve never been so embarrassed in all my life! That chick literally lost her mind, when she blew in from wherever she was and saw me talking to Jamal. I couldn’t believe someone of her stature would act downright like a hoodrat. 

Ain’t gonna lie. Before she busted up my conversation with Jamal, I was feeling the brother. Big time. As a kid, I had the biggest crush on Jamal. And to be standing close enough to where I could kiss him, had me twitching in places I hadn’t twitched in a long time. 

Jamal had cleaned up real good over the years. I don’t know what he did for a living, but it had to be making big time bank. He looked and smelled like money. Not that I’m a gold digger or anything. Daddy raised all his girls to be self sufficient. 

For a minute I had envisioned my childhood crush coming true. That Jamal would find me attractive. And he had until hurricane Brittany came on the scene squawking about being in her man’s face. 

Even though I was humiliated. And no matter how annoyed I am, I can’t get Jamal out of my system. Especially after that dream last night. Got me feeling all like a dog in heat!

If he got me all twisting and moaning in my sleep…he ain’t no good for me. I’m taking Alex’s and Sammie’s advice and forget about Jamal Peters. 

If only it was that easy…

Until next journal entry,




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