I’m So Much More

I’ve been wanting to right this blog post for a long time. Never got around to it because I didn’t know where to start or how to start. As a romance author, I’ve been told by many that in order to be successful I have to brand myself. Everything I do on social media and elsewhere must revolve around my books and nothing else. I was told that this would help readers become aware of me and my books. That it will spread the word about my stories.

Well, I tried it. Frankly, I didn’t like it. I’m so much more than a romance author. I want to post/talk about things other than my books. Yes, I love creating characters and world building. I also love my family & friends, my job as a nurse practitioner, makeup, planners, perfume, and so much more.

I enjoy sharing with readers and social media friends content other than when the next book is coming out or #throwbackthursday reads. Yes, I understand it’s a necessity to promote. But I also want folks to see me as someone who’s relatable. Someone who likes, even dislike the same things. For that reason, I’m going to keep sharing planner spreads, new eyeshadow palettes, subscription boxes, or anything else I think others might enjoy.
Now it’s your turn. How are you so much more?

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