If looks could kill…

Welcome to Sunday Sips.

I hope you enjoy this short and sweet sample of Second Chance At Love.

Dropping the golf club, Dom held his hands up to show he wasn’t a threat. “Calm down. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Out of her trance, Karen jutted the glass-filled dustpan at Dom. “Who are you?”

“Whoa, watch it lady,” Dom growled as he jumped back to avoid the flying glass heading straight for the family jewels.

Karen’s eyes widened in horror as she watched the direction of the airborne glass. When she dared to glance up at him, she wished she hadn’t. If looks could kill.

Lifting her chin in defiance, Karen glared back at the stranger. After all, he was half-naked in her sister’s house that was being rented to their friend. It wasn’t her fault that the piece of glass had a mind of its own and nearly maimed him. Again Karen demanded, “I said, who are you?”

“I’m Dom. Ava’s brother,” he gritted out between clenched teeth.

The building tension in her shoulders relaxed. Now she could see the family resemblance. Man, he was as handsome as Ava was pretty.

“Oh,” was all that would come out. It was hard to talk with him standing so close and obviously attracted to her although he was clearly annoyed.

“Oh,” Dom sarcastically parroted. “You damn near cut me.”

Karen’s eyes drifted downward and she wished she hadn’t because she wanted to touch him. When was the last time? Years.

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