“I think I have the wrong number.”

Welcome to Sunday Sips with Fixer Upper Love.

Ruggedly built with good looks, women of all ages found him handsome. What his baby girl and her sisters didn’t need to know was that he wasn’t lacking in the female companionship department. Discreetly, Garrison had his fair share of trysts after the death of his wife, Natalie. Several years and counting, he and his lady friend, Isabel, took care of each other’s needs. He wasn’t looking for a wife and she wasn’t looking for a husband. They agreed on a mutually beneficial relationship with no strings. So far, it’d been working. And he wasn’t looking for anything more meaningful.

The cell phone on the passenger seat next to Garrison vibrated indicating a call coming through. Glancing at the facedown device, his first inclination was not to answer it. But figured it could be one of his daughters calling. Sometimes they called his work number. Reaching over, he grabbed the phone and answered without checking the display.

“Which baby girl is this calling me?” Like always, his deep voice held a hint of adoration.

Greeted by silence on the other end, Garrison said, “Hello?”

“I’m sorry. I think I have the wrong number.”

There was something in the soft-spoken voice that was surprisingly jarring. Kicking up some unknown thing he couldn’t identify. Pulling up to the next project site, Garrison put the truck in Park. He held up his hand to halt one of the workers coming towards him.

“I thought you were one of my daughters. Who are you trying to reach?”

“Garrison Lawrence.”

The sound of his name coming from the unknown woman made him remember he hadn’t felt the curves of a woman in weeks. Been too busy working, babysitting Maliah while Alex did catering jobs, and on the hunt for a retail space for Joey, to indulge his carnal desires. Isabel hadn’t been too pleased the last few times she called, and he couldn’t accommodate her.

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