“I can’t…I can’t…do this…”

Welcome to Sunday Sips.

I hope you enjoy this short and sweet sample of A Special Summer.

Every other word Summer missed as the doctor reviewed the process of sedating her for the procedure.

“Do you understand everything I’ve explained to you and the potential complications, Miss Jackson?”

Vision blurred, Summer nodded, although she hadn’t heard half of what was said to her.

The doctor was unsympathetic as she casually said, “Good. Sign your name at the bottom, along with today’s date.”

The clipboard shook in Summer’s hand. To steady the plastic, she placed it on her lap, but that didn’t help because her legs were just as jittery.

As the doctor handed Summer the pen to sign the document it slipped between her fingers. When the object made contact with the floor in a soft ping, Summer’s gaze fell on three words. Termination of pregnancy.

She stammered, shoving the clipboard toward the anesthesiologist.

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