Sleep in your own bed

Welcome to Sunday Sips with Losing The Bid. Adrian walked outside into the crisp, winter morning air. Relief swept over him as he sauntered down the quiet tree-lined street to his silver Dodge Ram truck. If he was honest with himself, he should have ended things with Pamela when she invited him to her place for dinner and her parents and sisters were also present. She played it off with ... Read the Post


Welcome to Sunday Sips. I hope you enjoy this sample of Seductive Nights. “You alright, Julio?” Alonzo asked, passing a ceramic plate with plantains while balancing his one-year-old daughter, Catalina, on his lap. Julio accepted the food. “Yeah, I’m good,” he mumbled, not making eye contact with his brother. Alonzo, the eldest of the Castro siblings, was a retired professional baseball ... Read the Post

A family of strangers…

Welcome to Sunday Sips. I hope you enjoy this sample of Sultry Nights. Teresa Castro’s twenty-fourth birthday celebration spiraled out of control when she faced off with her parents, Marta and Javier in a heated confrontation. Teresa’s heart fell into the pit of her stomach. Her parents, especially Marta, didn’t hide their displeasure at the young couple holding hands. Before Teresa could ... Read the Post