“Eww! That’s nasty!”

Welcome to Sunday Sips.

I hope you enjoy this short and sweet sample of The Sweetest Love.

Crouched down behind the loveseat, their eyes went wide. Adam was stroking the teen girl in places Roxy’s mother told her never to let anyone touch her. Obviously, that girl’s mother hadn’t told her the same.

A giggle escaped Roxanna’s lips when Adam’s latest conquest moaned, “Mmm…touch me right there.”

“Shh,” Abigail whispered, putting her finger to her lips, motioning to Roxy to be quiet before slapping a hand over her own mouth to contain her giggle. What happened next was the most disgusting thing. Neither of them could keep silent.

“Eww! That’s nasty!” Abigail and Roxanna squealed at the sight of Adam’s tongue sliding inside the girl’s mouth.

Roxanna swore she would never let some dirty boy touch her or kiss her. Yuck!

Breaking out into a fit of giggles, the girls ducked behind their protective barrier as if doing so would make them invisible.

Adam and his date, startled by the girls’ laughter, broke contact. Straightening their rumpled clothing, their gazes searched the room.

Nostrils flared, hands balled into fists, Adam stalked over to the direction of his bratty sister and her annoying friend. Ever since the girl became friends with Abigail, she had become another thorn in his side. Another nuisance. Every time he turned around, they were underfoot, in his way.

Why did his parents always have to play good Samaritans? Why did they think it was their responsibility to take in the little stray? It wasn’t his family’s problem that her single mother worked a second job on weekends and had nowhere else to dump her kid.

Adam had had enough of their interference. Glaring down at the brats, he felt justified in the long overdue fury he was gearing up to unleash.

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