Don’t Sweat It!

Gosh…how do I begin this post?

Here we go…

For the last few years I’ve been somewhat disappointed in my books not making it to the masses. I was doing everything I’ve been told by the experts. Hire a personal assistant to go into FB groups and post about your books. Do blog tours. Do FB and Amazon ads. Promote your books in paid newsletters. Do giveaways. Give your work away in exchange for newsletter subscribers. Write and release more books.

I was hearing stories about indie authors having thousands of readers and making ten grand a month selling books – sometimes more. Shoot, I would’ve been happy with half of that amount.

Listen, I’ve done it all. Everything that was aforementioned and then some. With my busy life I wasn’t paying attention to the amount of money I was spending in an attempt to gain more readers. When tax time rolled around I almost cried…literally. Just about every dollar I made was spent on promoting my books. 

When 2021 rolled around I told myself I was done. That’s it!  

I had to do some major self introspection. I was so busy coveting (which is a slippery slope) what others had and wanting it for myself. The readers. The money. Not giving any thought to how my life differed from theirs. For one, those other authors weren’t working a traditional nine to five. Writing and everything that went along with it (like regularly, perhaps daily engaging with readers) was their job. Then I thought, “What kind of sacrifices did they have to make to get where they are?” 

As humans we’re so quick to want what others have, but not willing to put the work in. Or worse, thinking you don’t have to put the work in.

God spoke to my heart and told me to be thankful for the readers who enjoy my work. A friend encouraged me to keep writing stories that are true to who I am as a creative being. And if only one person buys my book it’s better than none. 

Y’all know what else I’m not going to sweat? The money. Yes…you read that correctly. I’ve been blessed to have a wonderful career as a nurse practitioner making a decent income. Trust me I’m no different from the next person. Having extra income would allow me to do things I wouldn’t have to plan for. Like my dream month-long trip to Tuscany, Italy. Or returning to Cuba for a longer stay. In due time this will come to pass.

As I’m writing this blog post I can assure you that since I’ve made a conscious decision to do things differently I’m content with who I am as a writer.

Stay tuned for my next blog post: Doing things differently.

Until next time,


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