Fall 2022 Aesthete Box

Hey Beautiful! Just jumping on the blog to share with you one way I’ve been practicing self care in 2022. Last spring I subscribed to the Cloth & Paper Aesthete Box. It’s a box loaded with luxury items to pamper yourself. What I love about this box is that the items are from small business owners. If I’m not mistaken the owners of the companies are women. Before I go any further with ... Read the Post

“I didn’t want to be alone …”

Welcome to Sunday Sips. I hope you enjoy this sample of Baby, I'm For Real. Reba lost count of how many times her head dipped south and sprung back up before smacking her forehead on the desk. After falling asleep last night on the sofa, she awakened in a panic when she glanced at her watch. Two in the morning rolled around and she hadn’t heard a peep from Roxy. Their ritual was to always ... Read the Post

My God, how did I get here?

Welcome to Sunday Sips. I hope you enjoy this sample of It's My Turn.   Beatrice Monroe Warrington had never felt so out of control. Life had a funny way of turning the tables on you. One day you were the one calling all the shots and controlling everyone else’s destiny. And then the next day you discover that you had no right to wield such power. Suddenly, you wake up realizing that ... Read the Post