Don’t Sweat It! do I begin this post? Here we go… For the last few years I've been somewhat disappointed in my books not making it to the masses. I was doing everything I've been told by the experts. Hire a personal assistant to go into FB groups and post about your books. Do blog tours. Do FB and Amazon ads. Promote your books in paid newsletters. Do giveaways. Give your work away in exchange ... Read the Post

Jamal’s Journal – Entry 1

The soft, feminine scent knocked my head back like a drug. I caught every other word Pops was saying when she opened her mouth to give the bartender her drink order. The voice of an angel is what I heard. It had taken everything in me not to turn around so that I could get a look at her.  She dropped something from her purse. When she went to pick it up, she brushed against my leg. I had no ... Read the Post

Joey’s Journal – Entry 1

I hate drama and avoid it at all cost. I knew I should've followed my first mind and stayed home. But that darn Sammie had to go and make me feel bad.  Of course, she was right...this time. Alex needed our support as well as the youth center. If I had known I'd run into Jamal Peters and his coo-coo bird girl friend, Brittany Love, I would’ve kept my black behind home. Sorry Alex. I've never ... Read the Post