Losing a dad

I'm feeling so sad this morning for my husband. He learned last week that his father was sick and in the hospital. Thankfully, he was able to talk to his dad on the phone. Unfortunately,  with covid he wasn’t able to go see him because of visiting restrictions. His plan was to go see his dad once he was discharged from the hospital.  My husband and his dad had somewhat of an estranged ... Read the Post

Why do I write flawed characters?

When I wrote my first book A Special Summer, I received a lot of not so nice criticism about the heroine, Summer Jackson and the hero, Nick Stiles. Everything from she's weak, spineless and needs to grow a backbone. And he's self-centered, obnoxious and an overbearing jerk.   I ain't going to lie y'all, my feelings were hurt and the criticism was enough to make me question if this writing thing ... Read the Post

Forever Yours – How it all got started

“Baby, I have to go take this call.” Jamal gave a slight nod. The term of endearment grated on his nerves like nails against a chalkboard. “Alright, I’ll be around.” His date sashayed off a few steps before turning to look over her shoulder. “And don’t let me find a woman up in your face when I get back.” Jamal wasn’t fooled by the teasing lilt in the softly spoken words. The hardness in ... Read the Post