The End Of An Arrangement

  Welcome to Sunday Sips. I hope you enjoy this sample of Fixer Upper Love Tonight was one of those nights Garrison could use the quiet solitude of an empty house. He ended a long-time arrangement with a woman he’d grown accustomed to having around at his ready. Was it enough though? Did he want to live out the rest of his life schlepping back and forth to Isabel’s? Even if he entertained ... Read the Post

It’s time to move on

  Welcome to Sunday Sips. I hope you enjoy this sample of Fixer Upper Love.   “You’re leaving already?” Garrison stopped tying up the lace on his work boot. Glancing over his shoulder Isabel was propped up against the headboard, nude from the waist up. There was a time when he would lie in bed with her talking, sometimes drifting off to sleep just before the sun broke through ... Read the Post

Fixer Upper Love – Meet Garrison

Chapter One “See you later, old man,” the construction crew yelled out, cackling, waving dusty hands. Grinning, Garrison honked the horn of his black Ford Super Duty F-450 truck. He returned the gesture and pulled away from the property he was renovating in Logan to head further uptown to check on another site. Old man was the nickname Garrison Lawrence was affectionately called by the ... Read the Post

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