Baby I’m For Real

book 2: Love at last series

After innocently falling for a married man during her late teens, Reba Harris vows never to make the same mistake. Notions of romance takes a backseat to her struggles as a single mother. With her adult daughter out of the house, Reba meets private detective, Frank Bass. The attraction is instantaneous and she is willing to explore the idea of love. Unfortunately, her past is threatening to ruin any chance at happiness.

Shortly after losing his wife to cancer, Frank Bass seeks comfort in the arms of faceless lovers. Tired of meaningless intimacy, he takes on a life of celibacy. A chance meeting with Reba Harris not only ignites the hope of passion, but an innate need to protect her. Opening his heart again is risky, as outside influences loom, threatening to come between him and Reba.

With drama following them at every turn, Frank and Reba are asked to do an unexpected act of kindness. How will they fight off forces working to keep them apart? And will they make the sacrifice required to change their lives forever?

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