Finally Yours – Sammie & Dexter

White lights strung above the pergola on the patio gave off a soft glow, competing with the twinkling stars in the dark velvet sky. From her perch on the outdoor sofa, Sammie’s gaze followed Dexter Davis. His deep brown complexion held a hint of reddish undertone from the summer’s sun. An inch away from clearing six feet, his muscular physique was more lean than bulky. A few added inches and he’d ... Read the Post

Skin Care Challenge Update: It’s Been 90+ Days

Hey there! Well, it’s been 90+ days since I started my skincare routine with L’Oréal products. Am I over wow’d with the results? Not necessarily. Am I disappointed? Absolutely not! Here’s my take on these products. They performed as well as the Clinique products I’d been using for years. The only exception is I noticed the hyperpigmentation I have along my jawline from a minor breakout is ... Read the Post

Kindness is always a winner

Welcome to Sunday Sips with Chasing After Love. Nancy hustled her butt into a stall before a tear could fall and caught by someone coming in to use the bathroom. An overwhelming feeling of loneliness suffocated her as she wished for her mom or Daphne. Even though they were only a phone call away, they were probably off doing their own thing and could do without her drama. Daphne and her ... Read the Post