Skin Care Challenge Update: It’s Been 90+ Days

Hey there!

Well, it’s been 90+ days since I started my skincare routine with L’Oréal products. Am I over wow’d with the results? Not necessarily. Am I disappointed? Absolutely not!

Here’s my take on these products. They performed as well as the Clinique products I’d been using for years. The only exception is I noticed the hyperpigmentation I have along my jawline from a minor breakout is clearing up at a faster rate than usual. Also, my skin appears to be brighter nowadays. 

I’m going to attribute the fading hyperpigmentation to the serum, which contains Vitamin C and salicylic acid. As for the brightness, I will not give 100% credit to the serum. I’ve stepped my exfoliating game up. I’m sure that’s improved my skin health.

The eye cream and moisturizer are on equal footing with the Clinique products. I must admit, the L’Oréal eye cream seems to be a tad bit more moisturizing.

Here’s a breakdown of the brands:

L’Oréal Brand                                          Clinique Brand

Moisturizer – $21.99                                   Moisturizer – $59.00

Serum – $25.99                                           Serum – $71.00

Eye Cream – $14.99                                   Eye Cream – $37.00 

Here’s my take on the battle of the brands. The drugstore products, for me and my skin type, get the job done. For now, I’m going to continue with using the L’Oréal products because I’m worth it! LOL!

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  1. Hi Suzette,
    Thanks for the testing and results. I will give these a try. Question, what are you using for exfoliation? I was just wondering. Looking forward to reading the new book come summer, when life at work has slowed down.

    1. Hi Bridgette!
      Hope all is well with you. I’m using Rice Polish by Tatcha as an exfoliator. I’ve been using it for several years now. I hope you’ll enjoy Sammie & Dexter’s story.
      Take care,

  2. Twin, I have some hyperpigmentation/acne scarring along jawline & under chin as well. I’ll have to try the serum (& exfoliating). Thanks 🥰

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