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Don’t bother

Welcome to Sunday Sips with Forever Yours. Jamal came out of his musing and glanced at the Rolex on his wrist. Twenty-five minutes had crept by since he pulled up to her building. This little game was getting on his damn nerves. He hissed an expletive as his date materialized in the lobby, sashaying towards the glass doors. No doubt she was a gorgeous woman. Her statuesque, curvy frame ... Read the Post

“I think I have the wrong number.”

Welcome to Sunday Sips with Fixer Upper Love. Ruggedly built with good looks, women of all ages found him handsome. What his baby girl and her sisters didn’t need to know was that he wasn’t lacking in the female companionship department. Discreetly, Garrison had his fair share of trysts after the death of his wife, Natalie. Several years and counting, he and his lady friend, Isabel, took care ... Read the Post

Finally Yours – Sammie & Dexter

White lights strung above the pergola on the patio gave off a soft glow, competing with the twinkling stars in the dark velvet sky. From her perch on the outdoor sofa, Sammie’s gaze followed Dexter Davis. His deep brown complexion held a hint of reddish undertone from the summer’s sun. An inch away from clearing six feet, his muscular physique was more lean than bulky. A few added inches and he’d ... Read the Post