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Fixer Upper Love – Meet Garrison

Chapter One “See you later, old man,” the construction crew yelled out, cackling, waving dusty hands. Grinning, Garrison honked the horn of his black Ford Super Duty F-450 truck. He returned the gesture and pulled away from the property he was renovating in Logan to head further uptown to check on another site. Old man was the nickname Garrison Lawrence was affectionately called by the ... Read the Post

Meet Madeline “Maddie” Redmond from Fixer Upper Love

  Welcome to Sunday Sips. I hope you enjoy this sample of Fixer Upper Love. Madeline blew out a shaky breath after she hung up the phone. She glanced at the sterling silver clock on her desk, a gift from Nancy, to see how long she had before her next client arrived for counseling. Slowly rotating her neck to work out the kinks, twenty-five minutes should be enough time to get herself ... Read the Post