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Joey’s Journal – Entry 1

I hate drama and avoid it at all cost. I knew I should've followed my first mind and stayed home. But that darn Sammie had to go and make me feel bad.  Of course, she was right...this time. Alex needed our support as well as the youth center. If I had known I'd run into Jamal Peters and his coo-coo bird girl friend, Brittany Love, I would’ve kept my black behind home. Sorry Alex. I've never ... Read the Post

Sister Love

I've written a few stories with sisters. Whether they're biological or best friends who are more like sisters. I suppose I enjoy writing about sisters because I'm the youngest of five girls in a blended family. And I've developed close friendships with women who are like sisters. In my latest book, Forever Young, Josephine "Joey" Lawrence is the youngest of three sisters. She also has a ... Read the Post